The project "A Case Study of Bloodletting" consists of an eerily meditating essay film and a few partly organic sculptural pieces. It discursively touches upon the poetics of excess, abjection, inversion and opening, all of which are inscribed on the edge of a corporeal boundary. 

Doctor L specialises in bloodletting. In an online album only visible to herself, she files the cases she has handled according to their locations; intractable and rare diseases—shown as all kinds of abnormal blood samples—are filed in a separate folder. When Doctor L ‘bleeds’ a patient, her assistant Y takes photos and films alongside. Her lens captures nothing indicative of a patient’s identity but merely close-ups of the parts of bodies undergoing cupping and bleeding. As L scrolled through her phone and explained to me the glutinous images reeking of blood, she sees holes leaking of information. What do I see in the same imagery?

Imitating her assistant, I aimed my camera at the effective unit of bloodletting, where “a gestural prick” forms.

丿皿 : A Case Study of Bloodletting (excerpt)


single channel video with sound, 9'25"

Installation View at solo exhibition “丿皿 : A Case Study of Bloodletting“ (2019), Institute For Provocation (IFP), Beijing

皿 /Vessel


iron, blood, oyster shell, woven bag, iron powder, 38 x 35 x 50cm

Minor Life Feedback


dead ferns, slime, iron powder, video on loop through a phone screen, metal stands, dimensions variable

Minor Life Feedback (Peeled-off)


dead ferns, slime, iron powder, dimensions variable