“Tools For Speculative Archaeology” is an ongoing series adopting various kind of materials to mark impressions of archaeological grave sites, in search of its semiotics.

“Tomb Orientation” retrospectively appropriates grave sites as a divination diagram.

“Freshly Unearthed Spoons” scans the debris of a set of misshapen, seemingly reversed spoons that have been smuggled back to the realm of yang at your disposal. 

Tools For Speculative Archaeology: Tomb Orientation #1 


embroidery on Dong bright cloth, arcylic on embroidered Dudou, binder clips, masking tape, insulating tape, ramie cloth, 66 x 5 x 50 cm

Tools For Speculative Archaeology: 
Freshly Unearthed Spoons #1 - #7


plaster, pigment powder, dimensions variable