"Truffle-nekros" is a sonic fiction of multiple assembleges growing under all surfaces. The project was first developed as a live recording set under a blanket, followed by a later iteration of a five-channel sound installation surreptitiously dispersed across a large-scale group exhibition, with directional speakers hidden under/behind surfaces. As mushrooms are considered a paradigm for an alternative life system, I entertain the analogy to incorporate a hypogeous, necro-political dimension. Drawing on the taxonomical differientiation of truffles from mushrooms, the truffle-nekros' task is set to emancipate the corpse from the institutionalized, singular death of the subject. By reimagining the materiality of the corpse through the lens of funghi life-form, death takes on a radical uncertainty.

Sound Soon Becomes The Only Organ of The Truffle-nekros


clay, stethoscope, incense stick, dimensions variable



five-channel sound installation on loop through directional speakers, dimensions variable

I Want To Start By Talking About Truffle (excerpt)


performance with live sound, 20 minutes, Dutch Art Institute