"Both Hands Their Backs Rubbing" explores ways of co- writing with input method in accordance with a clumsy study of Taoist hand gestures.

word-to-word EN transcript of the text generated/tapped in the video:

“Both hands their backs rubbing right ring finger hooked left middle finger right index finger from the inside hooked right ring finger and left middle finger left big finger pinky ring finger reach beneath the key- board the symbol vortex right big finger pinky ring finger data tenta- cles reach to the sky swing dance diffusing a spore oval or inverted ovoid both hands their backs rubbing right ring finger press the end of the eye a centimeter thick white fluff input method threw a dice all players need to be blindfolded by a red cloth losing the subject of speech mechanical hands elbows and wrists hanging in the air will appear like a ghost floating flame 🔥”

Both Hands Their Backs Rubbing


single channel 4k video, sound, colour, 5'04''

Installation View at online project  "A Shared Boundary," (2020) curated by Zihan Iris Li, Make Room, Los Angeles