Dakota Guo (b. 1994, CN) currently lives and works in Rotterdam, NL.

Dakota works with pseudo-theory making translated into various forms, such as performance, video, installation, text, and sound. Her artistic research on the (cosmo-)necrological infrastructure testifies to the improbable self-sufficiency of the mortal world. Through performative deconstruction of various proto-religious accounts, she turns her peculiar obsession with ghostly matters and their materialisation into a post-secular revision of haunting.

Dislocated in both time (the secularised status quo where ghosts are irrevocably reduced to rhetorics and metaphors) and space (a foreign land which is supposedly out of the jurisdiction of the realm of yin), her reparative approach is rehearsing a gestural prick that penetrates the thin threshold between the empirical and the (un)dead realm.

Dakota is a founding member of the Rotterdam based Asian Artist Collective, Soupspoon. She holds degrees in Art Praxis (MA, Dutch Art Institute, 2022) and Performance Practice-as-Research (MA, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London, 2017). Her work has been exhibited at Goethe Institute, Rotterdam (2022); Savvy Contemporary, Berlin (2022); Make Room, LA (2021); Institute For Provocation, Beijing (2019), among others.

|CV upon request

| illustration of kota
&  floating ghost-cursor made by Lin Hui