“A symbol is the feet of a duck that remind you of duckness; an omen is a clear water that submerges the feet of a duck, and there, it suspends.”

"( ) is ominous of ( )" is a fictional iteration of "the corpse-ghost continuum." The omen appears as two fingers painted red, resembling the submerged feet of ducks—the liminal species that is likely to be the key ingredient for
the recipe of Meng Po’s soup, which according to Chinese myth prepares a ghost to be reincarnated by erasing their memory. (Disclaimer: The proof I have for the assumed recipe of Meng Po's soup is only that “I once had a duck soup cooked with ginger and wine, and lapsed into a comatose suspense.”)

"Customers Leave Their Names At Her Counter" is an accessory of the work "( ) is ominous of ( )." The object represents the invoice book of Meng Po. The audience was invited to leave their signitares of any form on the red corbon papers to create duplicates
at the register of chthonic bureaucracy.

( ) is ominous of ( ) 

single channel 4k video, sound, colour, 7'34'' 

Installation View at "Retracing the current: follow the current, I wander.” (2023) curated by Feng Jiao, CHAXART, Rotterdam, NL 

Customers Leave Their Names At Her Counter 

drawings on joss paper through red carbon paper, thread, needle, clay, dimensions variable